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Holly Lane Celtic Vs Crusaders

Holly Lane Celtic win Jayden 2, Mason 1  , Bilal 1, Jamie 1, Caidan 1 & phillip 1

Fantastic performance from the boys looking sharp and ruthless from the first whistle with the defence pushing high up the field. They were fast to intercept and brake down the oppositions attacks they played the ball out calmly and quickly to the wings who's speed and skills shone through today.

Captain Mason stayed strong in the middle holding the ball and making some defence splitting passes. The lads looked and acted ruthless in front of the goal today and with 6 of the lads getting on the score sheet today it showed they have been listening in training.

Our number 1 goal keeper Tanaka is out with a sprain which meant up stepped our new player Jaydan to play between the sticks for us and fantastic job he done only letting in one unlucky goal .... a massive improvement today by the whole team winning each of them M.O.M!

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